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How to Find Low-Competition Keywords for SEO


Everyone wants to rank for competitive keywords, but it’s rarely possible in the short term—especially if your website is new or relatively unknown. Does that mean you shouldn’t target competitive keywords?

No, But it does mean you should pursue lower-competition keywords in the short term.In this post you’ll learn how to find low-hanging keyword opportunities in a few simple steps, and how to make sure those keywords are truly low-competition and easy to rank for.

What are low competition keywords?

Low-competition keywords are keywords that you can rank for without much effort. You usually won’t have to build many links or have high website authority (Domain Rating) to rank for them and get organic traffic to your website.

How to find “low-competition” keywords?

Follow these three steps to find thousands of high-volume, “low-competition” keywords fast.

1. Brainstorm topics

Think about what your target audience might be searching for in Google and jot down your ideas. You don’t need to try to guess exact phrases here; just note down broad themes.

For example, if you sell computers and parts online, these might be:

I) computer

II) Laptop


IV) Imachard

V) Drive

2. Expand ideas with a keyword research tool

Plug your topic ideas into a keyword research tool like Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, then go to the Phrase match report. You’ll see keyword ideas including one or more of the words and phrases you entered, complete with monthly search volumes and other SEO metrics.

3. Filter for low ‘difficulty’ keywords

Many keyword research tools have a difficulty score. Ours is called Keyword Difficulty (KD) and it’s a numerical representation of how hard it’ll be to rank in Google’s top 10 for a search query.

In the Phrase match report, filter for keywords with a KD score between 0-10 to find “low-competition” keywords.

You can see above that we managed to find over 167,000 keywords from just five “seed” topics. If you want to narrow down the list, just add a minimum monthly search volume filter.

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