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What Is Amazon? 6 Things You Should Know About The Amazon Glow

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Amazon.com is an American multinationaltechnology company which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. It has been referred to as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world” and is one of the world’s most valuable brands. It is one of the Big Five American information technology companies, alongside Alphabet, Apple, Meta and Microsoft.

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos from his garage in Bellevue , Washington on July 5, 1994. Initially an online marketplace for books, it has expanded into a multitude of product categories: a strategy that has earned it the moniker The Everything Store. It has multiple subsidiaries including Amazon Web services (cloud computing), Zoox (autonomous wehicles), Kuipers Systems (satellite Internet), and Amazon Lab126 (computer hardware R and D) . Its other subsidiaries include Ring, Twitch, IMDB’s and Whole Foods Market. Its acquisition of Whole Foods in August 2017 for US$13.4 billion substantially increased its footprint as a physical retailer.

Amazon has earned a reputation as a disruptor of well-established industries through technological innovation and mass scale. As of 2021, it is the world’s largest online retailer and marketplace smart speaker provider, cloud computing service through AWS, live streaming service through Twitch, and Internet company as measured by revenue and market share. In 2021, it surpassed Walmart as the world’s largest retailer outside of China driven in large part by its paid subscription plan, Amazon Prime which has over 200 million subscribers worldwide. It is the second largest private employer in the United States.

Amazon also distributes a variety of downloadable and streaming content through its Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Twitch and Audible units. It publishes books through its publishing arm, Amazon Publishing film and television content through Amazon Studios and has been the owner of film and television studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer since March 2022. It also produces consumer electronics most notably, Kindle e-readers devices, Fire tablets and Fire TVs.

Amazon has been criticized for customer data collection practices, a toxic work culture, tax avoidance and anti competitive behavior.

6 Things You Should Know About The Amazon Glow

While little good came out of pandemic days, the one thing we can point to as a favorable outcome has been the development of new technologies to keep us close to loved ones, even from afar. If necessity drives invention and innovation, nothing drove it further faster than the last two years of restrictions and quarantines.

When it comes to keeping kids close to far-away grandparents or to the besties they left behind because of a move or school closure, Amazon’s own innovators responded by developing and delivering the kid-friendly Amazon Glow. This parent-approved device keeps kids connected to distant loved ones in the way that works best for children — through play.

But before you buy, there are 6 things to know about the Amazon Glow.

 1. Why The Amazon Glow Is Different From Other Conferencing Devices

While adults are entirely willing to sit for long periods in front of a phone, laptop or computer screen teleconferencing for work through platforms such as Zoom, children have notably short attention spans. As much as they love their distant friends and relatives, talking into a screen loses its novelty pretty quickly when you’re a kid. That’s where the Amazon Glow takes connection a giant step further. The Glow isn’t just a video conferencing tool for kids, it’s also thousands of books, puzzles, games, and picture-drawing platforms all in a single device.

With Amazon Glow, kids stay connected through more than basic communication with loved ones — they play games, solve puzzles, and read books together — all proven to promote bonding as well as capture a child’s attention for longer periods compared to simply talking.

2. You Don’t Need To Buy More Than One

Parents can choose to buy two devices if the distant friend or loved one wants to play, draw, or read in the same format as the child, but they actually only need one device to enjoy the benefits of the Amazon Glow. The relative or friend at the other end of the video interaction uses their own device, including a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or home computer. Then they view the game, puzzle, or storybook as well as the child through a box-within-the-box format on their own device.

If your child uses an Amazon Glow to stay in touch with another child, talk to the other child’s parents about purchasing their own Glow so the children can play and interact together with both children enjoying access to the games and books.

3. Yes, You Need A Subscription To Access Content On Amazon Glow

The Amazon Glow opens a large library of fun and educational content for kids through a small monthly subscription payment — currently under $5.00 per month. With a subscription to Amazon Kids+, they’ll have access to thousands of books, as well as games, puzzles, and creative art platforms. Plus, Amazon continually releases new content all year long. Even better, kids can enjoy these benefits through the Amazon Glow at any time, even when they aren’t communicating with a distant loved one, so a single device provides hours of entertainment. Best of all, purchasing the Glow automatically includes a one-year subscription to the Amazon Kids+ service.

4. The Glow Has A Kid-Friendly Design

The Amazon Glow Device is an 18- by 12-inch tabletop tower with an 8-inch screen and a downward-pointing projector. It includes a large touch-sensitive playmat that unrolls below the tower. The downward projector turns the silicone mat into a game, book, or puzzle to play with through touchscreen technology while the display screen on the tower shows the face of the loved one the child interacts with from afar. The device includes a speaker and built-in microphones so children can chat while they play, or grandma can read a book aloud to a grandchild and both can view the text and the pictures.

It’s the next best thing to actually being together!

5. The Glow Offers Easy Setup

Getting the Amazon Glow up and running takes only a few steps after unboxing. Just plug in the tower, connect to WiFi, and download the app. Then add a contact list and ask the distant loved ones to download the Glow app to their preferred device. Unroll the 19-inch silicone touch-sensitive play mat, and your child is ready to connect with trusted friends and family from afar, as well as enjoy hundreds of games, endless artwork opportunities, and thousands of books and puzzles.

6. Should Parents Worry About Privacy?

The Amazon Glow makes privacy a priority with built-in parental controls. Children may only contact those friends and relatives that parents enter into the contact list. Also, a parent’s dashboard on the app allows parents to monitor and review all of their child’s activities on the Glow device. The built-in camera includes a closable shutter so parents can ensure privacy between calls.

When it comes to keeping kids close to family and friends even when they’re apart, the Amazon Glow is the way to go.

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