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What Are Chrome Actions And How To Use Them

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As you know that everybody using Chrome this is the need for everyone. Everybody use Chrome for searching new things even if they search little thing so Chrome is very fast and accessible for searching the need. So today I discuss in my article to the new thing of Chrome that is what are Chrome Actions and how to use them. People can use Chrome Actions on Google Chrome to save time and perform tasks such as accessing saved passwords and clearing browsing history.

Every day, millions of users worldwide access the internet via Google Chrome but only a few might be aware of a feature called Chrome Actions. To recall, Chrome was launched by Google in 2008, a time when browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer and Opera dominated a global audience. However, with time, Google equipped its browser with the latest technology, while Internet Explorer, due to its sluggish approach, lost its entire user base only to be shut down in June 2022.

Over time, Google has improved the Chrome experience, not only on desktops but on Android and iOS devices as well. Users get all the features such as password manager, data synced across all their devices, dark mode and so much more. In addition, users can head over to the browser’s Settings section and access/delete their browsing history when they want. However, wouldn’t it be much easier if there was a shortcut to perform all these tasks? It turns out there is, and it is called Chrome Actions.

Chrome’s Chrome Actions converts commands in the search bar into clickable shortcuts. For instance, if users want to manage their passwords, they usually head over to the three-dot menu at the top right corner of the screen, click on Settings, and select Auto-fill. Only after clicking on so many options will users be able to access the Passwords menu and edit or delete the saved password on Chrome. However, with Chrome Actions, all users have to do is type “password” or “manage passwords” in the search bar and click on the button below (which appears with a Chrome icon next to it).

Use Chrome Actions To Save Time

With Chrome Actions, users can perform virtually any task they want by manually opening the Settings menu. While the keyword “password” leads users to the password manager in Settings, typing different words in the search bar brings up various shortcuts. If someone wants to clear the browsing history, typing “clear data” or “delete history” would bring up the shortcut for the ‘Clear browsing data’ page in Settings. Similarly, to open an incognito tab or run Chrome Safety Check, users can enter “incognito” or “safety check” in the search box and select the suggestion with a shortcut.

To manage site settings or Chrome settings, users should type “Change Site permissions” and “Chrome Settings,” respectively. Lastly, typing “Chrome Accessibility” in the search bar will open the Accessibility Settings of the browser. Interestingly, the Chrome Dino game also has a shortcut that comes up by typing “Dino Game.” This way, Chrome users can save a lot of time while going through the essential settings of the browser. Chrome Actions are a great way to save time on the web browser. However, the feature is only available on Google Chrome for Android and desktops.

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