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How To Use Google Assistant On The Galaxy Watch 4, How To Set The Home Button To Google Assistant

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The Google Assistant is available on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, and while the setup is a tad lengthy, it can be a useful addition to have access to. Google Assistant should work better on the Galaxy Watch 4 than on previous models considering it has an improved processor and more memory. For example, while the previous Galaxy Watch 3 came with 1GB RAM, the Galaxy Watch 4 is loaded with 1.5GB.

The Google Assistant is already available on many smartphones and can be downloaded on many that don’t come with a pre-installed version of the app. However, it might not always be possible or convenient to access a smartphone and especially when in a hurry. This is where the Google Assistant on a smartwatch can prove additionally useful with quick wrist-access to calls, the weather, directions and more.

Samsung released Google Assistant for the Galaxy Watch 4 in May. To get started and with a Google account and an active internet connection (Wi-Fi or LTE), head to the Apps screen on the watch and open the Play Store. Tap on the magnifying glass to search for Google Assistant and tap on ‘Install’ once the result shows. Depending on the internet speed, the app might take some time to download. Once it is downloaded, open the app to initialize the voice assistant.

How To Use Google Assistant On The Galaxy Watch 4

Here are discuss the some points that I introduced you how to use google assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4. The points are given below

Getting the Google Assistant up and running on the Watch4 is a bit of a process you’ll have to make selections on both your watch and your phone but it’s straightforward enough.

  1. From the app drawer on your Watch4, open the Assistant app.
  2. Tap Get started.
  3. You’ll be prompted to continue setup on your phone. Tap Open on phone to activateSetup will continue on your phone.
  4. On your phone, tap Activate.
  5. If you want to use hey Google on your watch, tap Next.Tap I agree on the pop-up about Voice Match.
  6. If you don’t want to use hey Google on your watch, tap No thanks.
  7. If you want to let Google save audio recorded when you talk to the Google Assistant, tap Start saving audio. Otherwise, tap Not now.Google says it uses these recordings to improve its voice products. Opting out won’t affect any Assistant features.
  8. To let the Assistant on your watch access stuff like contacts and messages, tap Turn on when prompted.Google Assistant will still work if you choose No thanks, but in a limited capacity.

How To Set The Home Button To Google Assistant

If you choose not to enable hey Google detection on your watch or just want a little extra distance from Samsung’s voice assistant, you can set your Watch4’s Home button to call up the Google Assistant instead of Bixby.

  1. Open your watch’s Settings.
  2. Go to Advanced features.
  3. Tap Customize keys.
  4. Under Home key, tap Press and hold.
  5. Choose Assistant.

And that’s it! You can now talk to the Google Assistant by pressing and holding your Watch4’s Home button press and hold, speak, and release when you’re done or by saying “hey Google,” if you choose to enable that option.

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